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22 May - 5 June 2024


The Bergen International Festival has 17,2 man-years divided over 21 permanent posititions (per 31 December 2022). In addition hundreds of volunteers contribute to the implementation of the Festival in May and June.

Lars Petter Hagen Artistic Director and Chief Executive

Media representatives are kindly asked to contact communications manager Silje Vestvik.

Programme & production

Tonje Elisabeth Storm Peersen head of programme and production

Frida Riisnes audience and volunteer manager/project manager

Karoline Zurhaar Meibom Stenberg logistic manager/project manager

Maria Dalland Larsen project manager

Pål Ferstad-Løland project manager

Tormod Kleiveland project manager

Marketing & communication

Nina Lauvsnes head of marketing and communication

Donia Lina Nilsen communications associate

Helene Skoge sales and marketing manager

Kjersti-Lill Sørgård sales coordinator

Lene Therese Steimler sponsorship manager

Line Magde Lunde Hatleskog communications advisor (substitute for Silje Sæterdal Bøyum)

Silje Sæterdal Bøyum communications advisor (on leave)

Silje Vestvik communications manager

Vanja Hoff donorship and sustainability manager


Tom Nymark head of finance and administration

Dag Erik Hagesæter IT manager

Dorota Zaniewicz administrative assistant

Karianne Mjelde accounts

Trude H. Claussen organisation secretary / PA to the director

See also the festival report for a complete overview (currently available in Norwegian only).

Read about the Board and statutes of the Bergen International Festival.


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