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26 May - 09 June 2021

POSTPONED: Elena Urioste & Tom Poster I

Next event:
This event is postponed until the 2022 Bergen International Festival. 

Creative duo with unsurpassed musical joy.

​In November violinist Elena Urioste and pianist/multi instrumentalist Tom Poster received the Royal Philharmonic Society's new Inspiration Award for their work on #UriPosteJukeBox. The project consists of 88 music videos which the duo and couple both performed and produced. Their intention, they say, was 'to keep their minds sharp, fingers busy, and community smiling' during the pandemic lockdown and social isolation which have characterized Britain over the last year. Here you will find classical works alongside 'Stairway to Heaven', and animal costumes and pyjama pants just as natural as a suit and frock. Together the two artists have also started the Kaleidoscope Chamber Collective, which aims to bring wonderful musicians together to perform in new and varied combinations, with a specific and ardent commitment to celebrating diversity of all forms. 

During the Festival they will perform in a more traditional duo format, with works by younger composers such as Mark Simpson and Donald Grant, in addition to music by Clara Schumann, Edvard Grieg and Oliver Messiaen. 

"Messiaen's Theme and Variations of 1932 [...] brought out the best in Urioste, as she allowed the long line of the rapturous final variation to unfurl with both control and eloquence."



This event has been postponed and will not take place during the 2021 Festival as previously announced. By launching performances and artists as they are confirmed, the Festival would like to draw attention to the work our wonderful artists do, though the pandemic may cause numerous changes to the final festival programme.

Updated details for the event will be announced in connection with the programme release for the 2022 Bergen International Festival.

Video: Preghiera, Fritz Kreisler. Image top: Tom Poster (photo: Elena Urioste), Elena Urioste (photo: Alessandra Tinozzi).



​1 h


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    • Elena Urioste violin
    • Tom Poster piano

Music by

    • Simpson
    • Schumann         
    • Messiaen           
    • Grant             
    • Grieg
    • Bull


    • ​​Mark Simpson (1988–)
    • An Essay of Love
    • Clara Schumann (1819–96)
    • Three Romances, op. 22
    • 1. Andante molto
    • 2. Allegretto:Mit zartem Vortrage
    • 3. Leidenschaftlich schnell
    •        Olivier Messiaen (1908–92)
    • Theme and variations
    • Thème – Modéré
    • Variations:
    • 1.  Modéré
    • 2. Un peu moins Modére
    • 3. Modéré, avec éclat
    • 4. Vif et passionné
    • 5. Tres modéré
    •        Donald Grant (1980–)
    • Bha là eile ann (There Was a Different Day)
    • Edvard Grieg (1843–1907)
    • Violin Sonata nr. 2 i G major, op. 13
    • Three movements
    •        Ole Bull (1810–1880)
    • The Herdgirl's Sunday

Supported by

The Savings Bank Foundation DNB – Dextra Musica


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