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20 May - 03 June 2020

Festival in the mountain and a golden portal at Torgallmenningen – we hope!

All events for the Bergen International Festival 2020 have now been published on We hope that this year's festival can go ahead as planned, even though the coronavirus outbreak makes it impossible to know at this point in March, says festival director Anders Beyer. 

A similar portal will be placed in the Bergen city Square at Torgallmenningen. Photo: Shared_Studios

"The Bergen International Festival has a mission to convey the highest level of art and make it accessible to as many people as possible. We aim to create waves, both artistically and emotionally. Art can withstand change, disagreement, debate and friction. With art at the core at the core, the festival will contribute to movement, which is this year’s theme and common thread throughout hundreds of concerts, performances, conversations and debates", says Anders Beyer, who has led the Bergen International Festival since Autumn 2012.

Most of the programme was launched earlier this winter, but some of the most extraordinary experiences are now being made public for the first time.

"The programme features a classical concert inside a mountain hall next to a new tunnel through Løvstakken. A fifteen-minute walk inside the tunnel leads you to the hall, and the tunnel creates a truly unique setting around Edvard Grieg's Boys’ Choir and a string quartet from the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra", says Beyer.

At Torgallmenningen, there will be a special, gold-painted container – a portal – from the American arts, design and technology collective Shared_Studios. The portal is connected to some thirty equivalent containers around the world, and here, the audience can meet people from across the globe. Inside the Bergen_Portal, dinner will be arranged across continents, as well as jam-sessions with musicians in different countries and a number of open meetings with a predetermined topic. The portal in Bergen is the first in Norway.

"Those who have visited the portal say that it feels like they are in the same room as people who are actually thousands of miles away", says Beyer.

The programme also includes a concert series specially adapted for people with autism, a concert cinema performance at Festplassen and a digital art exhibition that is created during the festival.

"We have worked for several years on this programme for the Bergen International Festival 2020. We will, for the time being, continue to work from our home offices to carry out all events as planned. At the same time, I would like to emphasize that the festival will closely follow the development of the situation, and of course, will comply with all recommendations and orders from the health authorities", says the festival director.


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