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26 May - 09 June 2021

Ticket refund

The fight against the coronavirus means that this year's festival cannot be carried out as planned. We will cancel all bookings and refund purchased tickets.

We will start refunding tickets April 14. The usual processing time is 7 working days, but this may take up to 8 weeks. Please note that the procedure varies depending on where you purchased your tickets.

Festival webshop

  • If you have purchased the tickets through the festival webshop, the amount will be credited directly back to the card used. Any transactional or shipping fees will not be refunded.
  • You do not need to contact us or fill out the form below in order to get the refund.

Grieghallen box office

  • If you have purchased the tickets at the Grieghallen box office, you will receive a refund to the account number you submit via the form below. Any transactional or shipping fees will not be refunded.
  • We ask that you submit your account number as soon as possible and by May 20.
  • Please include your order number and/or customer number, if possible. This helps us to process your request faster. If you have a paper ticket after purchase in the box office, you will find the order number in the upper right corner. The customer number can be found under your name. For tickets sent by e-mail you will find both order number and customer number in the order confirmation.

For tickets purchased at Grieghallen box office:


Please feel free to contact us via chat, or social media.



Gift cards issued before 10.04.20 have a new and extended expiry date and are now valid until 01.05.21.



The Festival welcomes donations to:

  • Vipps to 11159
  • The festival's bank account 1503 74 33621
    For international transfers:
    IBAN: NO46 1503 74 33621
  • Our ticketing system

All monetary gifts will be used for artistic projects in 2020 or 2021.

Read more about gifts to the festival here


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