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24 May - 7 June 2023

Accessibility in the cultural field

Past events:

  • Kalenderikon
    Kulturhuset, Lillesal

​How are the arts experienced by people with disabilities?

There is little research into how people with disabilities experience art and culture venues. Yet, we know that inadequate facilitation is one of the main reasons why those of us who are disabled participate less in cultural events.

For example, those accompanying us must often pay full price for entrance tickets, and many venues have physical obstructions. Add underrepresentation among artists and performers, and you are constantly building a norm in which people with disabilities are largely defined out of cultural life. 

Are there ways in which cultural venues can become accessible to everyone, and do all inclusivity measures require significant financial resources?

In this round of questions about making the art and culture field accessible, an expert panel will advise on how everyone can contribute to a diverse and equal cultural life.

The moderator is Morten Marius Skau, also known as Tik Tok profile Mort1rulle and a keen nightlife enthusiast and culture consumer.

The event will be held in Norwegian.

Image: Sally Kamara, Morten Marius Skau, Hanna Mellemsether, Alexander Petersen (all photos: private)

  • Debate
  • Free



​ 1 h




    • Sally Kamara author, presenter of news for children at the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation
    • Hanna Mellemsether historian, subject manager at Stiklestad National Cultural Centre
    • Alexander Petersen sociolinguist, festival consultant, film programmer 
    • Morten Marius Skau moderator, TikTok-profile Mort1rulle

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The Fritt Ord Foundation


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