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24 May - 7 June 2023

Christian Wallumrød

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With his background in jazz and improvisation, composer-pianist Christian Wallumrød has worked cross-genre for three decades in countless bands and combos with numerous Norwegian musicians. His recording debut on the legendary ECM label came in 1998, and his album Outstairs brought him a Norwegian Grammy, Spelemannsprisen, in the category contemporary music.

In recent years Wallumrød has focused more on solo work. He visits the 2023 Bergen International Festival alone and performs his own works and improvises on the new grand piano in Sæverud's home.

'I enjoyed playing Sæverud's Rondo Amoroso when I was 13–14, far more than any sonatina. There was something remarkably attractive about the tone language. At the time I was probably unaware that it was a kind of introduction to contemporary music, in its poetic, mild and comparatively unconfrontational way,' he explains.

Wallumrød's work is described as self-willed and open piano music, and he recognises himself in some elements of Sæverud's music.

'I can identify with the attraction to the rhythmical elements, with cultivation of something delicate and beautiful and with what I perceive as insistence that you are yourself in practically all you create. At the same time I get a feeling that Sæverud and I could never have played in the same band,' says Christian Wallumrød.

Photo: Elias W. Orning

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