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24 May - 7 June 2023

Det store svevet

Jon Fosse symposium

Past events:

  • Kalenderikon
    Litteraturhuset, Olav H Hauge

All-day programme dedicated to Fosse's prose, poetry and drama.

This year marks the 40th anniversary since Jon Fosse debuted with his novel Red, black back in 1983. Since then, his authorship has been appreciated by many readers and theatre audiences both in Norway and around the world. 

In celebration of this anniversary, various works by Fosse will be highlighted and discussed in an all-day programme arranged by Det Vestnorske Teateret, Haugesenteret, Fosse-stiftinga, The Bergen International Festival, The National Library of Norway and The House of Litterature in Bergen.

The symposium will explore Fosse's prose, poetry and drama and connects to Det Vestnorske Teateret's spotlight on Fosse this spring. 

Fosse's dramas have held considerable meaning to Det Vestnorske Teateret and the Bergen International Festival for many years. This spring, Bergen sees the world premiere of Fosse's new play Inside the black forest, written for Det Vestnorske Teateret and Det Norske Teatret in collaboration with the Bergen International Festival.

Previous Fosse performances during the festival include premieres of Andvake (2017), Hav (2014), Skuggar (2006) and Draum om hausten (2005).

This spring, a dramatisation of the children's book Spelejenta from 2009 will also be performed at Det Vestnorske Teateret, as will readings set to music of all three parts of Hundemanuskripta. The texts Fy å fy, Nei å nei and Du å du were written between 1995–1997. 

The symposium will be held in Norwegian.

Photo: Agnete Brun

  • Debate
  • Free



​6 h 15 min 



In collaboration with

​The House of Literature in Bergen, Nynorsk Kultursentrum, Det Vestnorske Teateret, Fosse-stiftinga and Nasjonalbiblioteket

Supported by

The Fritt Ord Foundation


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