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Gunerius og Verdensveven

Past events:

​A blend of psych-rock, danceable world music and electronic rhythms.

Gunerius – to many also known as Harvey Steel and Big Chief (as well as Thomas Bergsten among family and friends) – is a well-known figure in Oslo's music scene. Under various artist names, he has zigzagged between genres such as psych-rock, gospel, hardcore, folk, hip hop, electronica and contemporary music.

With the Verdensveven project (the World Weaver Project), world music is – as the name suggests – on the menu. Together with lyricist and long-time collaborator Michael Goksøyr, Gunerius serves up a musical feast described as psychedelic world music played with microtonal guitars, bass, drums, guembri, electronics, samples and homemade instruments such as jar chimes, cigar box harp, electric tin box viola.

In 2021, Gunerius & Verdensveven released their debut album Samtidig på den andre siden av byen, and the release, including the single Blå Disko a lá Türk, quickly received positive attention for its playful genre blend and originality.

Photo: Mari LB Kamsvaag


This event has an 18-year age limit. Read more about guardianships at the venue site for Kulturhuset.



​1 h


Standard: 290
Senior: 261
Under 30: 190
FiB Fordel until April 13: 203
FiB Fordel from April 14: 232
​BT Fordel: 217


    • Gunerius og Verdensveven
    • Thomas Bergsten guitar, vocal
    • Magnus Tveten bass
    • Alexander Lindbäck​ drums
    • Marthe Lea saxophone, clarinett


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