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26 May - 09 June 2021


Music Dramatised concert Digital
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​The sound of Norway.

Riksscenen – the Norwegian hub for traditional music and dance – commissioned Her (Here) for its 10th anniversary last autumn. The piece will now be performed during the Bergen International Festival.

Five of our well-known, cherished folk musicians, Anne Hytta, Susanne Lundeng, Benedicte Maurseth, Marja Mortensson and Marit Karlberg, will perform in Grieghallen with self-composed music in separate movements. The material has been adapted for choir by Daniel Herskedal and Håkon Daniel Nystedt and is performed by the soloists together with Edvard Grieg Kor.

The five soloists come from different parts of the country – the north, south, west, east and middle – and the different compositions represent the sound and tradition of the artists' home regions. Thus, the audience will hear a cross-section of the musical expressions that our country has to offer.

The visual is also central in Her. Images of Norway's beautiful nature are projected on stage and create a whole with the soloists, who, together with the choir, move both in front of and behind a transparent stage curtain.

'With its striking power, the commissioned work Her manages to penetrate the screen and carry its message further than just stage to audience venue.'

Photo: Thomas Fredriksen


The event is filmed. Cameras can be an inconvenience to the audience at the venue. No admittance after the doors close, 5 mins before the event begins. Any distribution, copying and downloading of video content is strictly forbidden.

The Bergen International Festival is carried out in accordance with the government's and local authorities' current requirements and guidelines for COVID-19. Read more here.



​1 h


At the venue
Standard: 450
Senior: 405
Under 30/student: 190
BT Fordel: 337

Digital event
Standard: 250
Under 30/Student: 150
BT Fordel: 180
Household: 400


​Norwegian, Southern Sami


    • Edvard Grieg Choir
    • Håkon Daniel Nystedt conductor
    • Andreas Ljones director
    • Audun Notevarp Sandvold video design
    • Jannik Abel artist
    • Susanne Lundeng fiddle
    • Benedicte Maurseth Hardanger fiddle
    • Anne Hytta Hardanger fiddle
    • Marja Mortensson joik
    • Marit Karlberg langeleik, song

Music by

    • Maurseth
    • Mortensson
    • Karlberg
    • Hytta
    • Lundeng


    • Benedicte Maurseth (1983–)
      Myrullen svevar
      Arr.: Daniel Herskedal, Håkon Nystedt

    • Marja Mortensson (1995–)
      Arr.: Håkon Nystedt

    • Marit Karlberg (1967–)
      Førandre se kan
      Arr.: Marit Karlberg

    • Anne Hytta (1974–)
      Hit, her, nå
      Arr.: Anne Hytta, Håkon Nystedt

    • Marja Mortsensson  (1995–)
      Arr.: Håkon Nystedt

    • Susanne Lundeng (1969–)
      Leia mot nord
      Arr.: Håkon Nystedt, Daniel Herskedal

    • Marja Mortensson (1995–)
      Tjïelve - Billowing Waves
      Arr.: Daniel Herskedal, Håkon Nystedt

    • Benedicte Maurseth (1983–)
      Arr.: Benedicte Maurseth

    • Benedicte Maurseth (1983–)
      Augnaferd, Nattsvermar
      Arr.: Daniel Herskedal, Håkon Nystedt


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