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26 May - 09 June 2021

Hole & Son

Theatre Family
World premiere

​What happens when the world's only hole factory closes?

Hole & Son is the name of a factory that makes all kinds of holes. One day, the factory is sold, and the new manager wants to close it down. After all, the factory does not produce anything! However, the closure quickly presents problems, because how does one get dressed without holes in one's trouser legs? And how does one play the trumpet or shoot cannons or drill for oil without holes? And worst of all, whatever will happen to Swiss cheese?

The new play Hole & Son is based on author Frode Grytten and illustrator Marvin Halleraker's book of the same name, published in 2004. The performance will see its world premiere during the Bergen International Festival and will have an assortment of theatrical expressions: puppet theatre, shadow theatre, masks and conventional acting. The theme revolves around what happens when what we take for granted disappears. The play explores the consequences for the individual and society when something we naturally assume will be there disappears, and evokes both wonder and laughter.

The production is a collaboration between Yngve Seterås, Jan Holden from Dukketeaterverkstedet (The Puppet Theatre Workshop), Fyllingsdalen Theatre and the Bergen International Festival. The experienced stage artists also bring a team consisting of puppet maker and set designer Monika Solheim, the new puppet theatre director Daina Ulmyte, lighting designer Randiane Sandboe, costume maker Julie Jensen, composer Tarjei Vatne and sound designer Gunnar Innvær.

'What is a hole? It's nothing, nothing with a frame around it. Something so apparent to society, something we do not really think about the existence of. But when the holes disappear, we see the ripple effects, and chaos ensues.'

Photo: Janneche Strønen


By launching performances and artists as they are confirmed, the Festival would like to draw attention to the work our wonderful artists do, while knowing that the final festival programme may look different because of the pandemic.

The festival will follow the health authorities' orders and recommendations. In order to create the least possible inconvenience for our audience, ticket sales will begin closer to the festival dates.



​1 h 40 min incl. interval


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Recommended age



Performed in Norwegian without surtitles.


    • Jan Holden, Yngve Seterås, Daina Ulmytè direction
    • Jan Holden, Yngve Seterås script
    • Ane Berentsen dramaturgy
    • Camilla Svingen/Syv mil producer
    • Tarjei Vatne composer
    • Jan Holden, Monika Solheim actor, puppeteer, puppet maker, scenography
    • ​Daina Ulmytè actor, puppeteer
    • Yngve Seterås actor
    • Kjell Hammerø documentation
    • Gunnar Innvær sound design, sound effects 
    • Julie Jensen costume design, costume maker
    • Randiane Sandboe lighting design, lighting technician

Co-production with

Dukketeaterverkstedet w/Jan Holden and Fyllingsdalen Theater​


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