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20 May - 03 June 2020


Past events:

​​Where shall Vilje live if she can't live at home?

​​The doll Vilje lives in the world's best house. It fits her perfectly in every way. Here she has her bed and all her things, and here she can see all the sunrises and count all the stars. But one day her home is overtaken by some striped monsters, and Vilje is forced to find a new place to live. Where is home now?

Home is a contemplative puppet theatre performance about where we feel at home and what a home really is.

The doll Vilje is mastered by the puppeteer, writer and director Ida Frisch, and occasionally Vilje is played by Ida herself. The performance plays and experiments with size ratios, and Frisch’s priceless body control makes both little and large roar with laughter. 

The play has been developed in close collaboration with expert advisers at preschool age and conveys the children's own reflections and thoughts on what “home” and “at home” means.

Color your own home: Download and print the drawing here.

Photo: Lars Opstad


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Available minimum 30 days after first streaming. This service is offered by the Bergen International Festival. The music is reproduced with permission by TONO ( Unauthorized performance or copying is illegal.



​30 min

Recommended age



  • Written and performed by Ida Frisch
  • Unge Viken Teater, Ida Frisch producer
  • Ella Honeyman-Novotny, Ida Frisch puppet design
  • Ragnhild Mærli dramaturgy
  • Ida Frisch costumes

Supported by

​The Kavli Trust


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