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24 May - 7 June 2023

Inside the Black Forest

Past events:

​A new play by Jon Fosse.

A young man gets into the car and drives away, as far as he can, along a tractor road, past abandoned farms and darkened cabins, until the car gets stuck. Then, the young man decides that he can go into the dark forest to find help.

Inside the Black Forest is an existential suspense drama about loneliness, longing, powerlessness and shame. It is a compelling story about getting lost, in the forest as in life. Because, as the young man says: "I never find my way to anything. Not to cars, not to people."

Inside the Black Forest is staged by director Miriam Prestøy Lie. Together with scenographer Dagny Drage Kleiva and lighting designer Arne Kambestad, she allows the play to unfold inside an enveloping space. Composer Sjur Miljeteig performs the music on stage.

Jon Fosse is one of the greatest contemporary playwrights and has written over 30 plays. He comes from Strandebarm in Hardanger, and although many will recognise the typical Western Norwegian elements in his work, he writes about major universal themes to which people from all parts of the world can relate, such as human relationships and life and death. Today, Jon Fosse's plays are performed all around the globe.

Visuals/poster: Nikolai Torgersen


​Inside the Black Forest will have its world premiere 11 May at Det Vestnorske Teateret. In September, the play will be performed during The International Fosse Festival at Det Norske Teatret.

  • Theatre



​1 h


Standard: 440
Senior: 390
Under 30/student: 200 
FiB Fordel: 308
BT Fordel: 380
Gruppe 10+: 340


​Performed in Norwegian, titled in English.


    • Miriam Prestøy Lie direction
    • Dagny Drage Kleiva scenography, costume design
    • Arne Kambestad lighting design
    • Sjur Miljeteig music
    • Karl Vidar Lende the young man
    • Reidun Melvær Berge the young woman
    • Arnhild Litlere the older woman
    • Svein Roger Karlsen the older man
    • Sjur Miljeteig musician

Produced by

Det Vestnorske Teateret and Det Norske Teatret in collaboration with the Bergen International Festival


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