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Dance Outside Family Free
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​Light, colours and dance inspired by northern Norwegian summer light.

LuxTempus is an outdoor dance performance that combines installation art, interactive art and contemporary dance. The colourful box installation is inspired by the northern Norwegian summer, where light, weather and movement create space to breathe and remind us of the value of noticing what is happening here and now.

Light, wind and rain affect how the box's colourful panels look. While the installation is based on 'lux', Latin for light, the choreography is based on 'tempus', Latin for time, with repetition, loops and reversal of movements.

Between performances, you can enter the installation to play with how colours and light change the surroundings. 

The project is a collaboration between dance artist Mathilde Caeyers, stage designer Mari Lotherington and lighting designer Torbjørn T. Sandnes. 

Photo: Rudi Caeyers


Video: Lux Tempus trailer



​20 min


Recommended age



    • Mathilde Caeyers choreography, dance
    • Torbjørn T. Sandnes lighting design, set design
    • Mari Lotherington set design, costume design
    • Alexander Aarøen Pedersen composition

Supported by

Grieg Foundation


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