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25 May - 08 June 2022


BUD/Sovaco de Cobra

World premiere
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A double bill from Carte Blanche, the Norwegian national company of contemporary dance.

In mellomland, artistic director Annabelle Bonnéry has engaged two up and coming choreographers from the same generation to create a two-part full evening for Carte Blanche. Five and nine dancers meet choreographers Roza Moshtaghi and Lander Patrick in a double bill that presents Norwegian and international contemporary dance on the same stage. 

The starting point for BUD is "waiting", and in the performance choreographer Roza Moshtaghi explores how we can experience a story about "waiting" and expectations associated with being in this mysterious state. The performers go through different scenarios of waiting, stopping and suspending. The enigmatic figures are dressed in costumes that borders on installations, making BUD's scenic waiting room a strong visual experience with five of the company's dancers.

In Sovaco de Cobra (the snake's armpit), Lander Patrick continues his deep dive into the Portuguese fado, which he started with Jonas Lopes in the performance Bate Fado from 2021. Today, fado is best known as a traditional folk genre with lyrics about longing sung with great pathos. Patrick explores the roots and mythology of the fado to restore forgotten knowledge and find footprints lost to history. Sovaco de Cobra is made for nine of Carte Blanche's dancers. You can expect playful physical work, a theatrical approach and a good pinch of humor.

Roza Moshtaghi is an Iranian choreographer and performer who lives and works in Oslo. Her practice deals with the narratives of desire generated through the process of adapting or reacting to systems and structures. Her last three pieces are LIMBO (2021), Bouncing Narratives (2019) and Only Forever (2018).  

Lander Patrick, born in Brazil, grew up in Portugal and is based in Lisbon. He has won several awards, and the production Adorabilis (2017) which he created with his regular collaborator Jonas Lopes won the Aerowaves Priority Company in 2017.  

Image: dancers Nadege Kubwayo, Lin van Kaam (photo: Sjur Pollen)


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​1 h 50 min incl. interval


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    • Roza Moshtaghi choreography
    • Thomas Schaupp dramaturgy
    • Ronak Moshtaghi installation and costumes
    • Thomas Bruvik light design
    • Lykourgos Porfyris composer
    • Irene Vesterhus Theisen, Daniel Mariblanca, Ole Martin Meland, Aslak Aune Nygaard/Guro Rimeslåtten, Anne Lise Rønne dancers

    Sovaco de Cobra

    • Leander Patrick choreography
    • Jonas Lopes dramaturgy
    • Leander Patrick costume concept
    • Rui Daniel light design
    • Mestre André composer
    • Noam Eidelman Shatil, Caroline Eckly, Dawid Lorenc, Tilly Sordat, Lin van Kaam, Max Makowski, Mathias Stoltenberg, Adrian Bartczak, Nadege Kubwayo dancers


​Carte Blanche, the Norwegian national company of contemporary dance


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