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20 May - 03 June 2020


Music Dance
Past events:

​Modern legends at Bergen International Festival.

BIT20 is on solid ground in this mind-blowing, multi-disciplinary cooperation with Carte Blanche – The Norwegian National Company of Contemporary Dance and Bergen International Festival.  The festival composer selected for 2019, Unsuk Chin , is an old acquaintance of the ensemble. 

In Peer Gynt-salen this evening, Chin’s work encircles that of her old mentor, modern composer legend György Ligeti (1923–2006). Ligeti was according to Chin very clear on one thing: She had to leave behind the avant-garde tradition she came from. Doing what you already knew was completely forbidden! Besides their remarkable energy and undisputable strength of character, the two composers also share a fair dose of humour. In her pantomime inspired piece  cosmigimmicks  Chin salutes Ligeti, accompanied by Carte Blanche. In their  by Carte Blanche concept , the whole company joins forces to create a piece without a choreographer. Dancers and musicians meet up only hours before showtime to create an outstanding scenic moment, unique for this concert.

Ligeti’s music might lead some listeners into outer space, as his music is to many known as the soundtrack to Kubrick’s  2001: A Space Odyssey . Adding Stravinsky to the mix binds together the different time frames at play, perhaps with a characteristically restless energy as the most obvious common nerve. This will be an evening that takes the audience through portraits of different eras – only to create the feeling that no era of style truly exists, only music and dance.

Photo: NASA/JPL-Caltech


Learning in the moment: Pre-talk Come hear festival composer Unsuk Chin and artistic director Annabelle Bonnéry of Carte Blanche National Dance Company in conversation with Dr. Dániel Péter Biró, composer and Associate Professor at The Grieg Academy, University of Bergen. The conversation will be in English and is open for all ticket holders of Mimodramas. The talk will start at 19:00.



1 h 35 min incl. interval


  • Standard: 340
  • Senior: 306
  • Under 30: 190
  • FiB Fordel until 11 March: 238
  • FiB Fordel from 12 March: 272
  • BT Fordel: 255

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    • ​BIT20 Ensemble
    • Pierre-André Valade conductor
    • Donatienne Michel-Dansac soprano 
    • Omar Ebrahim barytone 
    • Kai Wessel countertenor 
      • Carte Blanche – The Norwegian National Company of Contemporary Dance
      • Caroline Eckly, Daniel Mariblanca, Adrian Bartzcak, Chihiro Araki, Olha Stetsyuk dancers
        • Jens Sethzman lighting concept
        • Robert Roespel lighting design


​BIT20 Ensemble and Carte Blanche – The Norwegian National Company of Contemporary Dance

Music by

    • ​Chin
    • Ligeti
    • Stravinskij


    • UNSUK CHIN (1961-) 
      cosmigimmicks - a musical pantomime 23'     
    • GYÖRGY LIGETI (1923-2006
      Aventures 11' 
      Nouvelles Aventures 12'
    • Pause
    • IGOR STRAVINSKY (1882-1971) 
      Three pieces for string quartet 7'
    • UNSUK CHIN (1961 -) 
      Gougalon - Scenes from a Street Theatre 23'   

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