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​Yoga class with violinist Elena Urioste.

Violinist Elena Urioste has been practising yoga for more than ten years since accidentally walking into a hot yoga class in lower Manhattan one day. After her first encounter with focus, breath and balance on the yoga mat, the violinist knew she had found a new home.

Most musicians are familiar with strain injuries and aches and pains. Many literally grow up around their instrument and spend hours with limbs and fingers in the same position.

'It is my personal belief that all musicians would benefit from a regular yoga practice. Posture awareness, breath control, a gradual development of mental strength and clarity, an increase in self-compassion... the benefits that yoga can introduce to one's life are truly invaluable', says Urioste.

In addition to her career as a violinist, she has spent countless hours on the yoga mat, become a certified yoga instructor and specialized in topics in the intersection between music, mindfulness and movement. This Saturday at Kulturhuset, she will give a yoga class especially adapted to musicians of all kinds. In addition, Urioste will perform in Håkonshallen Thursday 26 May with Tom Poster.

Photo: Daniel Cavazos


  • ​Remember to bring your own yoga mat. Weather permitting, the class may be moved outdoors to the terrace by Lillesalen. 



​1 h


Standard: 150
Senior: 135
FiB Fordel until April 13: 105
FiB Fordel from April 14: 120

​BT Fordel: 112

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    • Elena Urioste yoga instructor​


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