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20 May - 03 June 2020


From Bergen International Festival 2019

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​Not everything in the Philharmonix’ programme is classical. But everything has class.

​Classical music is not supposed to be fun, right? And yet, every concert of the Philharmonix is a living, grooving, finger-snapping testament to the contrary.

Surprise! Classical music at its most refined can be a jolly good time. This unique ensemble brings together three members of the Vienna Philharmonic / Wiener Philharmoniker, two Berliner Philharmoniker soloists, one of the most versatile Austrian pianists and an improvising and singing violinist for a deliciously heady cocktail of classical, klezmer, Latin, even pop music and yes, good old fun. Sting, Queen, Grieg and Tchaikovsky are all just as likely to be performed on a Philharmonix concert. 

Together the seven world-class musicians get to play the kind of repertoire one would never see on the playbill of their legendary orchestras. With their signature blend of the “highest philharmonic quality and unrestrained joy of music-making” (Kurier) Philharmonix are synonymous with ‘entertainment’. The Golden Rule of the Philharmonix’ programmes: Anything goes, as long as it’s fun. 

Photo: Max Parovsky


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​1h 10 min


  • Noah Bendix-Balgley violin
  • Sebastian Gürtler violin
  • Thilo Fechner viola
  • Stephan Koncz cello
  • Ödön Rácz double bass
  • Daniel Ottensamer clarinett
  • Christoph Traxler piano​

Supported by

​​Herman Friele/B Friele & Sønner AS


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