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19 May - 03 June 2020


Outside Family
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​Did you think dinosaurs were extinct? Then you'll have to think again. 

The street theatre performance Saurus lets the public come into close contact with prehistoric giants of actual dinosaur size, completely without risk of being eaten. Or so we hope! They are quite hungry, after all.

The Dutch theatre company Close-Act specializes in street theatre interacting closely with the audience. The performance is enacted above and among the audience. The artists in the state-of-the-art costumes wish to erase the boundary between reality and the impossible and for spectators of all ages to be carried away as the music-loving giants enter the crowd with their booming roars. Hold on to your ice-cream and watch out for their curious snouts and sweeping tails!

Photo: Tonny Presser



45 min


Free admission

Recommended age



  • Grieg Foundation
  • Kavli Trust​

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