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Sound of Danger and Beyond

with Beranek

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​Cult album from the eighties is performed live in Bergen for the first time.

Espen Beranek Holm – known as the artist Beranek – was one of Norway's rising pop stars in the early eighties. The single Dra te' Hælvete (Go to hell) had sold almost 20,000 copies and was still on the charts when the somewhat less successful album Sound Of Danger was released in 1981. Its commercial disappointment was obvious, and it would take two years, a new album and a Spellemann Award before Beranek was yet again appreciated by Norwegian music listeners.  

While Sound Of Danger seemed to be a relatively forgotten chapter in Norwegian pop history, the album continued to be played in clubs abroad, eventually achieving cult status in synth/electro circles in countries like the USA and Belgium. In 2017, Sound of Danger was re-released on vinyl.

Until Beranek and Johannes Winther Farstad (a multi-instrumentalist who has worked with artists such as Halvdan Sivertsen, Sondre Justad and Bjarte Hjelmeland) re-worked the entire album for the stage production Sound Of Danger Live In Sequence in Oslo in 2018, material from this album had never been performed live. At the Bergen International Festival, you will experience much of this production, as well as music from Beranek's later productions.

On stage, Espen Beranek Holm and Johannes Winther Farstad play all instruments.

Photo: Jarle Nyttingnes


​This event has an 18-year age limit. Read more about guardianships at the venue site for Kulturhuset.



​1 h


Standard: 290
Senior: 261
Under 30: 190
FiB Fordel until April 13: 203
FiB Fordel from April 14: 232

​BT Fordel: 217

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    • ​Espen Beranek Holm vocal, keys
    • Johannes Winther Farstad vocal, keys


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