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20 May - 03 June 2020

The Peoples Movement

Music Outside
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​New living conditions create new social codes and patterns of movement.

​Yesterday's culture of hugging each other has in a world of corona been replaced by what OiOi has chosen to call the 2-metre distance dance. If you had entered a grocery shop with no knowledge of the scourge of our time, you would have seriously started to wonder about the people there as they stop, reverse, rotate and manoeuvre without aim or purpose. OiOi will take hold of this phenomenon and create a new dimension where dancers and musicians take part in this fantastic collective choreography and further develop it by interacting with random shoppers at the most important meeting place of our time and the only place where everyone can see each other, namely the local shop.  

Photo: Thor Brødreskift



​Ca. 5 min

Time Schedule

​Occurs out of the blue from 22 until 30 May. Time and place will not be announced in advance.


    • Per Jørgensen trumpet and vocals
    • Shelmith dancer
    • Tresor Jawari dancer

Supported by

​Grieg Foundation and the Kavli Trust


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