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20 May - 03 June 2020

Thomas Seltzer’s Popular Meeting

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​What do we really need all this elite culture for?  

"Video killed the radio star" sang The Buggles the day MTV launched and swept all artists lacking TV charm off the playing field. Has the internet and reality TV's democratic (and possibly flattening) being done the same to elite culture? And do we really need that daaaamn elite culture?

Ultimately: do we need the Bergen International Festival? Thomas Seltzer asks, "for a friend" according to himself, and his highly qualified panel responds.

This event will be held in Norwegian.

Top: Thomas Seltzer (photo: Arly Dale). Collage: Thomas Selzer (photo: Christian Belgaux/NRK), Hilde Sandvik (photo: Helge Skodvin), Nils August Andresen (photo: Ellen Reiss), Kjetil Rolness (photo: Kjell Ruben)



​1 h


  • Standard: 150
  • BT Fordel: 112

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  • ​Thomas Seltzer moderator
  • Kjetil Rolness
  • Hilde Sandvik
  • Nils August Andresen 

In collaboration with

Bergen Public Library​


  • Grieg Foundation
  • Fritt Ord

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