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22 May - 5 June 2024

Tipping Point

Balancing in a Time of Change

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​On a tightrope with Cirkus Cirkör.

What does it take to keep the balance when what seems stable suddenly collapses? Meet five circus artists and a musician in a raw world built of trusses, metal pipes and wires. Through acrobatics, aerial acrobatics, hair hanging and contortionism, they move with, against and despite the structures.  

Tipping Point – Balancing in a Time of Change is a circus show about structures – our human structures and what holds our societies and democracies together.  

In a tensegrity structure, the form is held together by tension, balance and forces that pull in different directions. The slightest change can cause the entire building to fall. What happens when the most fundamental collapses? Who gets trapped, and who finds freedom?  

Tipping Point serves as a reminder that nothing is inevitable, and that change is possible.  

Swedish Cirkus Cirkör is the largest circus company in Scandinavia. Since the beginning in 1995, they have toured globally and created experiences which make the impossible possible. Tipping Point is the company's newest production and will see its world premiere in the winter of 2024. 

Photo: Carlos Zaya


Tipping Point is created with an adult audience in mind, but Cirkus Cirkör appeals to all ages and the performance has no recommended age limit.

  • Circus


  • Grieghallen
    Accessible with wheelchair Designed for hearing impaired The venue has serving


​Ca. 1 h 30 min


Standard: 260/560/660
Under 30 years/student: 200
Senior: 234/504/594
FiB Fordel: 182/392/462
BT Fordel:182/392/462

Family package (2 adults + 2 children under 16): 980
Family package (2 adults + 1 children under 16): 882

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    • Alexander Weibel Weibel direction
    • Saara Ahola scenography, costume design
    • Matt Horton rig design
    • Patrick Bogårdh lighting design
    • Marie Persson Hedenius dramaturgy
    • Mirja Jauhiainen assistant director
    • Axel Fagerberg music
    • Sébastien Klink, Morgane Stäheli, Delia Ceruti, Kalle Pikkuharju, Quentin Dubot, Axel Fagerberg cast

Supported by

​H. Westfal-Larsen og hustru Anna Westfal-Larsens Almennyttige fond


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