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26 May - 09 June 2021

Trio Törn

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Nordic folk music with a bold personality.

Swedish band Trio Törn offers a meeting between three strong personalities with roots in Swedish folk music and loves to push the traditional boundaries of the genre. With a unique line-up of violin, cello and «nyckelharpa» – also known as «key harp» or «keyed fiddle», the musicians are continually experimenting with the potential of their instruments.
When Trio Törn plays, a mixture of colourful melodies, captivating harmonies, uninhibited swing and intimacy come together as one living entity. The trio always leaves plenty of room for improvisation and ideas that arise in the moment, and diversity and unique listening experiences characterize their concerts.
At this concert, the trio's own compositions form the majority of the programme. They are also performHalling, based upon a folk melody, from Edvard Grieg's Lyric Pieces.
‘This combination of incredibly talented musicians has resulted in compositions that are out of this world.’


By launching performances and artists as they are confirmed, the Festival would like to draw attention to the work our wonderful artists do, while knowing that the final festival programme may look different because of the pandemic.

The festival will follow the health authorities' orders and recommendations. In order to create the least possible inconvenience for our audience, ticket sales will begin closer to the festival dates.

Video: Trio Törn - Julstress (live). Image at top: Trio Törn (photo: Sona Hellmann)



​1 h


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    • Trio Törn​
    • Olof Kennemark violin
    • Petrus Dillner nyckelharpa (a traditional Swedish instrument)
    • Klara Källström cello

Music by

    • Dillner
    • ​Kennemark
    • Grieg
    • Källström


    • Petrus Dillner (1995–)
      Adventure in the kitchen
      Polska Kufema
      arr. Trio Törn

    • Olof Kennemark (1994–)
      Great Polska from Utby

    • Edvard Grieg (1843–1907) 
      From Lyric Pieces IV, op. 47 
      4. Halling 
      Arr: Trio Törn 

    • Klara Källström (1995–)
      Over the sea 
      arr. Trio Törn

    • Olof Kennemark (1994–)

    • Klara Källström (1995–)
      Dance stop
      arr. Trio Törn

    • Olof Kennemark (1994–)
      Century Polska

    • Petrus Dillner (1995–)
      Petrus in the spaceship
      arr. Trio Törn

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