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20 May - 03 June 2020


Dance in all its glory

Dance Family
Scandinavian premiere
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​From classical ballet to reality TV.

TUTU is a dance performance that presents both plumes and muscles. In a whirlwind of rhythms and references that will delight both the trained eye and fans of Strictly Come Dancing, six male dancers go through 20 scenes and more than 40 characters that surprise, impress, and make the audience laugh out loud from the very first moment.

This colourful performance is a playful invitation into the world of dance, and parody and tribute go hand in hand. Here, there is classical ballet, contemporary dance, ballroom dance, rhythmic and acrobatic dance, and distinctive versions of iconic scenes from Swan Lake, Dirty Dancing and Strictly Come Dancing have their natural place next to each other.

Together, the company Chicos Mambo and choreographer Philippe Lafeuille have created a unique and entertaining performance that challenges gender stereotypes and breaks down barriers. The company is known for its humorous outlook and impressive technique, and in TUTU the dancers demonstrate both.

"These six men wearing tutus are dancers as well as acrobats or clowns: They can do anything."

Photo: Michel Cavalca



​1 h 15 min


  • Standard: 450
  • Senior: 405
  • Under 30/student: 190
  • Barn under 16 år: 100
  • FiB Fordel until 11 March: 315
  • FiB Fordel from 12 March: 360

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  • Chicos Mambo
  • La Feuille d’Automne
  • Philippe Lafeuille artistic leader, choreography
  • Romain Compingt dramaturgy
  • Dominique Mabileau lighting design
  • Hugues Antisten sound design
  • Corinne Petitpierre costume
  • Corinne Barbara zentaï
  • Gwendoline Quiniou wig design
  • Marc Behra, Kevin Gibbs, David Guasgua M., Benoit Peillon, Vincenzo Veneruso, Stéphane Vitrano dancers

Supported by

Vestland County Council

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