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What is queer art?

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​What distinguishes queer culture?

Is there an essence of queer art, or is queer art rather the sum of all art with a queer theme?

The term 'queer' can be used in describing art and culture, but it is also an identity and a struggle for equality. How do struggle and celebration unite through culture?

And is it acceptable for heterosexuals to borrow elements and 'queer' themselves up?

Image: Bassel Anis Hatoum (photo: Renold T. Christopher), Eivind Breilid (photo: Sara Abraham), Ann-Christin Kongsness (photo: Desiree Bøgh Vaksdal), Sofie Søndervik Sæther



​1 h




    • Eivind Breilid moderator
    • Sofie Søndervik Sæther musician, producer, leader for program in JM Norway 
    • Ann-Christin Kongsness dancer, koreografer, drag king in Gutta
    • Bassel Anis Hatoum chairman of the board at Skeiv Verden, curator for the exhibition: Ta Plass // Skeiv Verden

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