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World premiere
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A playful, dreamy circus experience created in Bergen. ​ More tickets available now!

The world premiere of Zappzarapp offers a world full of spectacular acrobatics, dance, music, lots of silly humour and, of course, romance, as feelings blossom between a circus princess and someone from outside the circus environment. 

«Zappzarapp» is a German circus word that means a quick movement to steal something. It is not as negative as theft, but more about stealing someone's heart.

A fascination for circus tricks and circus origin forms the backdrop for this performance. With five artists from Norway and the USA, Zappzarapp will ignite the senses and playfully impress the audience with superhuman skills and the magic of the circus.

The performance is without speaking parts and is suitable for audiences of backgrounds and ages.

Zappzarapp is Cirkus Balance and Fyllingsdalen Teater's first professional contemporary circus production. Ten years ago, sisters Jeanette and Jasmine Smørdal established Cirkusskolen (The Circus School) at Fyllingsdalen Theater. Jeanette and Jasmine both have circus in their DNA and have since childhood toured the entire country with their father, circus director Jan Ketil Smørdal. In 2019, Cirkus Balance – Bergen was established and is the only contemporary circus company in Western Norway.


New show added Sunday 29 May at 17:30. Buy tickets here.



​1 h


Standard: 250
Children: 100
Senior: 225
Under 30/student: 190 
FiB Fordel until 13 April: 175
FiB Fordel from 14 April: 200
BT Fordel: 187

Recommended age



    • Sturle Bjordal artistic director
    • Jasmine Smørdal, Jeanette Smørdal circus instructor
    • Lene Johannessen costume designer
    • Jørn Lavoll composer
    • Sverre Vaage artistic consultant
    • Vasylyna Karchevka set designer
    • Alexander Peschina technical manager
    • Marius Peschina lighting designer
    • Jørn Kvist producer
    • Trond André Hansen dancer
    • Mathias Ramfeldt, Tinka Havnen Amundsen, Anne Arellano cast

Co-production with

Fyllingsdalen Teater

Supported by

Grieg Foundation


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