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20 May - 03 June 2020

Volunteer tasks

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Audience host (no: Publikumsverter)

NB! This category is now full for 2020. We still need Festival Assistants, Profiling Assistants and Informationstand helpers and recommend you to apply for those in stead. 

Do you want to be the face of the festival?

This group consists of volunteers who work to assist the audience at the various arenas. Working hours may vary in line with the duration of the performance, but it is expected that each volunteer will be working between 20 and 25 hours during the festival. If you have any requests regarding performances you wish to work at, please let us know when you apply (a maximum of three wishes per volunteer). We cannot guarantee that all wishes will be granted, but we operate under the principle of first come first serve. We need approximately 110 volunteers in this group.

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Artist hosts (no: Artistkontakter)

NB! This category is now full for 2020. We still need Festival Assistants, Profiling Assistants and Informationstand helpers and recommend you to apply for those in stead. 

This job is about making sure the artists that are visiting the festival from around the world is well taken care of. You will be a contact person between the artist and the festival. It’s important to have good knowledge of the festival and Bergen City. You must be fairly flexible as the work assignments can come at short notice. If you speak many languages, please let us know in the registration form, as this sometimes is a crucial factor when we pick out the different artist hosts. Volunteers who have had this job before are encouraged to apply again. If you have no previous experience with this but want to try, send an email to frivillig(a) We need about 15 volunteers in this group.

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Festival assistants (no: Festivalassistenter)

Are you versatile and quick on your feet? 

The main job for the volunteers in this group is to be ready for action when needed. During your shifts, you will be situated in our office and help out where needed. Examples of job assignments: assist in productions in our different venues, deliver tickets and other small materials around the city centre (a bike will be available if you wish to use one), help set up the office for events and step in for other volunteers if we are short on staff and some audience counting. If you are good at social media, there will be tasks linked to this as well.  Each volunteer in this group will work 4-5 shifts of appr. 4 hours, but some extra hours may be required. There are day shifts and evening shifts. We need about 24 volunteers in this group.

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Information stand (no: Informasjonsstand)

Are you outgoing and up-to-date on what’s going on at the festival? 

Every year the festival has its own information stand in the city centre. The volunteers working here will be responsible for handing out festival packs and other materials, be available for questions from the audience, volunteers and press to help them get in touch with the right people within the organization. The shifts last for about 3 hours both before and after noon throughout the duration of the festival. We need 6 volunteers in this group.

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Profiling assistants (no: Profileringsassistenter)

Do you know Bergen well and like to walk? Or perhaps you want to get to know how the festival affects the business sector? 

 In this category, you will be asked to choose between 2 subgroups: 

  • Packing and preparing (no: Pakking av frivillig- og artistmapper):  Prior to the festival we need people to help out in the office preparing the volunteer- and artist folders. These shifts will be during the daytime 4-5 days in week 19 and 20 (tbc). Each volunteer will work 20-25 hours in total.
  • Promotion (no: Promotering): Bergen International Festival aims to be as visible as possible throughout the city. To make this happen, we need volunteers to help our profiling department with preparing, distributing and controlling our profiling in the streets, at our arenas and to our festival restaurants. Distributing and collecting material requires walking and some carrying, but you will work in teams of two. It can be split between more volunteers.


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